Friday, February 8, 2013

Illustrating the Adventures of a South Pole Pig

 If you happen to be in downtown Iowa City over the next several weeks, pop into the Iowa City Public Library and say 'hi' to Flora.

 Here are some little snippets of a display that I've done in the Children's wing, "Illustrating the Adventures of a South Pole Pig."

 I tried to show how an illustrator thinks about and develops a character.

 I used the actual 'galley proofs' from the book as "wallpaper". These big pages show an illustrator what size to make the pictures and where they will be placed in the book.

The text that is pink highlights the passage that the art director and editor would like the illustrator to draw.

What a perfect time of year to stop into the ICPL!

"Hello, Flora!"


  1. How fun!! Love this display and always wondered about how the illustrations in a book were determined. Your images are so adorable too! Wish I was in Iowa City because I would definitely stop by to check it out.

  2. The patrons to the children's room of ICPL are in for a treat! XXX