Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Big Steps

What a terrifying ride we have been on for the past two months. My daughter suffered a very severe concussion. 

A few weeks ago we couldn't imagine that our wheelchair-bound girl would be able to walk across the stage to accept her high school diploma.

But she did.

And so we celebrated with extra happy hearts this past weekend. What a gift I have been given to have such a brave, strong, amazing young woman in my life. 

Congratulations to graduates of all ages--- who are ending one chapter of their lives and turning the page to the next.

Happy Graduation!


  1. Oh Jen! I can now breathe a big sigh of relief. Well done you for coping with everything that has come your way recently, it must have been so hard. And well done Eliza for graduating and fighting back from what must have been such a strange and frightening time.

    My love to you both

  2. So glad to know she is well. Congratulations to the graduate!!