Friday, November 12, 2010

The Bell Jar

I have wanted a bell jar for a long time.
But not just any bell jar. 

An old bell jar.
A big bell jar.

I found it last week at Decorum in Iowa City. A chemist had it and kept a very old, very gorgeous microscope under it. 

I gathered some pods and rosehips from my garden and tucked them into an old metal flower frog. Then I added some moss. The curved, engraved, fabulous tray that it's on is from Artifacts.

 This amazing antique elf climbing a ladder was a Christmas present years ago from my Mom and Dad. I say Mom and Dad, but really more from Mom--- because I know she loved it and gave it to me instead of keeping it for herself.
Treasures... under my bell jar.


  1. That little elf on his ladder is the cutest thing ever!
    It's an adorable arrangement, and congratulations on the bell jar find - I'm green with envy!

  2. Fabulous- not just the jar, but what's inside!

  3. I am sneaking into your house at night and stealing that!!! I love the widdle climbing elfersons and I am coveting that bell jar.