Friday, August 13, 2010

All the World, Listening to God, and Biff O'Hara...

Some recent jewelry to be listed...
Beautiful, very old, very lovely, carved meerschaum (pipe clay) religious pendant from France---- combined with sea-colored glass rosaries... heavenly!

 "Listening to God"... worn and darkened antique religious charms and unusual rosary links with tiny "Mary's" inside.

And, of course, Sgt. Biff O'Hara and Rin Tin Tin. "Biff", not a name you hear real often...

Coming soon to Age Before Beauty!


  1. Oh Jen, beautiful as always. The earrings hold a memory for me. As a little girl, Rin Tin Tin was a show we watched on the television in England.
    I remember really loving it, gave me nightmares!!!!!!......figure that out!!

  2. jennifer, your work is impeccable as are the displays. i just found you on etsy after linking from one of my customer's feedbacks. funny how that works, but so glad that i came upon your blog! it is fabulous!!

    have a sweet day,

  3. I always love your designs AND luckily I own 2 of your pieces!!!