Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Cat King

"The Cat King's Daughter" by Lloyd Alexander, published in Cricket Magazine, Feb. 2013
Artwork Copyright, Jennifer Black Reinhardt

When the art director from Cricket magazine asked me to illustrate an upcoming two-part story I told her that I really had too many other commitments at the time.

"But it's funny," she said, ..."and there are cats." I couldn't resist.

So, please find in this month's issue of Cricket magazine, some illustrations by me for a fun story called, "The Cat King's Daughter," by Lloyd Alexander.

Carus Publishing is the umbrella company for kid magazines for all ages; Cricket, Babybug, Ladybug, Ask, and Spider. They do a phenomenal job of consistently hiring illustrators at a time when it would be less expensive and more cost effective to seek out other resources. So just a little shout out of thanks to them for using a wide range of styles and mediums and exposing our kids to the wonderful world of illustration each and every month.


  1. I looooovve your cats, and the king of course! xxxx

  2. Ditto what Georgie said, especially your grooming kitties!