Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friendship, Love, and Truth

They were called, The Odd Fellows. No one really knows why for sure. Some feel that it's because they were an eclectic group of varied tradesmen, or because they were an organization made up of men from many different walks of life. At that time such a group of mismatched callings was thought quite, "odd". 

The three linked chain symbolizes 'friendship, love, and truth'.

The colors on this old 'all seeing eye' lithograph are spectacular. Only some frayed threads of the original, antique ribbon remain.

The colors of these vintage 1930's-40's glass pearls are phenomenal.
 Do they even make colors like these anymore?

 Here's a cheer to the quirky symbolism of the old Fraternal Groups, like this one...
A toast to friendship, love and truth--- The Odd Fellows.


  1. I am a bit obsessed with oddfellows......
    I have been making some jewelry from some of the old
    medals also. Yours is great!
    Happy to have found your blog!