Friday, October 21, 2011

Before and After

Before and After pics... because I love before and after pics.


Before---- One very ugly, old, 1960's bathroom.

And then presto magico!

 Well, not exactly magic. More like tons of plaster dust later...
This is an old medicine cabinet that we re-purposed. It's huuuuuge and recesses way into the wall.

I bought this wonderful shower curtain from West Elm.

It served as the inspiration for these cool wall decals that I had made. They're from very old engravings. I had them printed here.  

I especially love this beetle. He's even got a needle and thread. 
This is the kids' bathroom. Next we need to recover and start on ours. Ughhghgh... wonder what wall decals I can make for in there?


  1. Ohhhhh what a transformation!!! I love the cabinet, and I wish I needed a shower curtain because I love that too, but those decals.....inspired.
    As much as I hate the dust, I love having work done on the house, wish I had a project to look forward to. I know I'll look forward to your bathroom!!!!

    xoxo Georgie

  2. Luscious Jennifer! Love the placement of the beetle by the base board.