Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Gilded Wedding

Those French certainly knew how to showcase love and romance...

These earrings that I've just made are from an 1800's French Wedding Stand, or Wedding Cushion, or Globe De Mariee.

Silk pillows were framed by elaborate gilt leaves, birds and beveled mirrors. Married couples would display these under glass domes and proudly set them in a place of prominence in their home. 

They held souvenirs of the couples' wedding, such as a headpiece, tiara, or wax flowers. Each elaborate piece of the frame was selected by the couple to depict symbols of their life together. 

The bird being the symbol of love, elaborate leaves representing the longevity of their union, and mirrors--- which represented how many children the couple wished to have.

Two rescued gold gilt leaves are now topped with antique rhinestone rings and hand carved mother of pearl beads. 

How romantic...

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