Monday, April 9, 2012

Diving In...

This is how I feel...

I finally, FINALLY, replaced my old pc with an iMac.
Problem--- I've been a Corel Draw gal since art school. 

Challenge--- learn Illustrator, InDesign... oh my. 

Feeling a little bit like an old dog trying to learn new tricks!


  1. I was in the same boat- or diving board- with a looming deadline and no knowledge about Photoshop- saved me- a illustrator friend recommand it- you might know about it- but it offers dozens and dozens of tutorial- on all things Adobe- I got a dual screen- watched the lessons on one and practiced on the other.

  2. Thank you, Julia! I have been going through them little by little. It's a huge help!

  3. You will take to it, like a girl to the animal float!

    I concur with Julia's info on Lynda's site. You can also ask about anything in question form on Google and find some kind of tutorial to help you:)