Wednesday, November 16, 2011

She Ate My Crayons!

 She Ate My Crayons--- isn't that a hilarious name for a shop?
And what a wonderful shop it is. If you are a lover of vintage treasure, pop over and take a look, click here.

I've been working on a postcard that the owner commissioned me to do. That funny name is based on a true story---  her younger sister really did eat her crayons, thus giving this shop owner a lifelong excuse for why she has 'no small motor skills'.

 So if you have a little time, browse around the wonderful world of etsy, 



  1. Oh isn't life strange!! my grandson Oscar, 18months old, ate one of his brothers crayons yesterday....a green one....I won't tell you what his mother said when she changed his nappy!!
    Love the illustrations and the shop is great too.
    love Georgie xx