Monday, August 8, 2011


Big news! I have an all-new web page design thanks to the fabulously talented Ken at Rain Shadow Web Design! He is both brilliant and PATIENT. 
I began by saying... "I want it very simple".
"Just artwork". 
"And here's some old wallpaper that you might want to use for the background". 
"And I'm going to send you some artwork for the homepage--- maybe some frames". 
"And a cat... 
or two... 
 or three...". 
Ahhhhhh thank you, Ken. I love it. It makes me smile! Hope it does you, too. Please check it out at


  1. Now smiling from ear to ear! Clever Ken and very clever Jen xxx

  2. I LOVE IT! So very, very Y-O-U! I need someone to work on my website...hmmm...