Thursday, August 18, 2011

Growing, Growing, Gone.

I love my vegetable garden. It's certainly a yearly learning process. After 4 years I have learned the following:

Stink bugs stink.
Watering does make a difference.
Do not put metal supports around zucchini.
I cannot grow cucumbers.
And chipmunks are a pox upon me.

But this year has been pretty good. We had wonderful sugar snap peas and lots of peppers. We would have enjoyed a bountiful tomato crop had the aforementioned rodent not single paw-edly removed my heirloom fruits one by one. 

Every year I plant sunflower seeds. And every year the seeds are removed by probably the same tomato-mauling chippy. 

But this year he must have been distracted by the bumper tomato crop and missed a few. Three grew and one was enormous! 


The best part? One morning this beautiful butterfly came to visit. 

The butterfly flew away for a moment when a slightly larger visitor took center stage.

 Things definitely grew in the garden. As well as elsewhere. 

It's the first day of school today... growing up!


  1. Oh to have hummingbirds in my garden....sigh.
    But extremely pleased not to have chipmunks!!!
    Hope your two "flowers" enjoy their new school year.

  2. I live in Orange City, Iowa. I love your garden photos. I'm sorry about the chipmunks. Bugs kept eating my sunflower seeds and baby seedlings and I had to replant five times in order to get THREE healthy plants that now have gorgeous sunflowers! I love your jewelry! So pretty! Take a peek at my blog!