Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet Potatoes, Russians, and Cats, and Dogs

While perusing the internet,  I was attacked by a Russian Spy hiding in a sweet potato recipe. It is rather ironic, isn't it, to get a "root kit virus" from a root veggie recipe? So I have been off-line until my brilliant and amazing husband sent that nasty spy packing.

At my etsy shop, Jennifer Black Reinhardt Illustrations, I now have some lovely art prints. It has taken me until now to find a paper that I'm happy with. It's a very heavy weight, museum quality, archival, water-colored textured paper. I also will be listing some fun new card bundles--- a dog lover's one, and a cat fancier package.

Snuggling in and trying to get caught up from my unexpected abduction. Hope you're all enjoying this festive time of year!

Oh and never did find that elusive recipe. I beg you not to Google search it--- lest the Russians invade you, too--- but if anyone knows this one??? Sweet potatoes, onions, and cheese with kind of bread underneath? 

Let's all hum a little Peter Gunn ditty here...

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