Thursday, August 26, 2010

Push Me Pull You...

It's been a Push Me Pull You kind of day.
Kind of week even.
Do you remember that wonderful creature from Dr. Dolittle? The Push Me Pull You--- a llama with a head on each side of its body. Unless it worked together, it couldn't move...
The kids are back in school.
Activities have started back up, and, as you read in my last post, I've had deadlines. Hence, the Push Me Pull You effect.

For example, if this gets done...

Then this does not.

If I do this...


Then this is what happens.

'tis the season. It's all good and will work itself into a chaotic rhythm before I know it.

Until then, Push Me Pull You.

1 comment:

  1. Woman! You are blogging natural. REALLY enjoy your posts and of course, many themes in the real world soon.