Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Deadlines period.

I take deadlines seriously.
I have learned later in my professional life that others do not.
It really comes down to whether you see a deadline as a guillotine, or a mere suggestion? Deadlines to me are akin to my mother counting to three. 
Did I know what would happen if she made it to three? 
Did I want to? 
And there it was--- 
Not worth the risk.
If I miss a deadline, I must be subconsciously convinced that something terrible will happen. My hand will fall off, or my teeth will pop out, or... I don't know?

Perhaps it was growing up with a father who had us to the airport 3 hours early for our flight.
You had a deadline.
Needed to be prepared. 
To face it. 
To meet it. 
To fulfill your obligation.

I've been working on one for a children's magazine. Can't show you too much. Top secret world of children's publishing, you know...

But I will make it. 
I take deadlines seriously--- period.

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  1. ahhh so glad you wrote a note...and why would I not be interested in your artistic endeavors...I have a question...
    can you connect with me. It is about your marcher girl. I would like to personally add her to a quilt design I have in mind...
    blessings, so glad you are not lost...certainly not in my mind...blessings lady samm