Monday, August 9, 2010

A Cool Thing

Actually, a couple of cool things. Cool thing number one is having my friend Stacia who is always up for an adventure. I just love her "Let's check it out" attitude and wish I was more like that. So when (both being fans of the History Channel's fab show "American Pickers") Stacia said, 'let's go see the picker's shop!' I tried really hard to muster my spontaneity and pioneer woman spirit. 

Truth be told, we had just been rained on at a fund raising art auction. My crinkly white Jjill tunic top had stretched and morphed and now looked more like a used Kleenex than a stylish blouse. I had stuck my name tag sticker directly in the center of it to cover the iced coffee spill that occurred earlier that morning, and I really didn't think the pickers even had a "shop".

But now for the rest of the cool things... they do have a shop, a wonderful shop. And it was like walking onto the set of their TV show. And as I stood, agog and askew in the doorway Danielle, squealed and grabbed my neck. Perhaps the two things about me that had remained somewhat style forward were my necklaces and she loooooooooooooooved them. There was no saying no. There was no deal making. She wanted that bird necklace and would buy it. And she did.

So the final cool thing---- Danielle wore it on the show. When she got to go out for her special dinner. The sparkly  Age Before Beauty necklace looked so pretty. What a cool thing!

Thanks, Danielle! and thanks American Pickers for a great television show! you rock!!!!!!!


  1. I own a couple of your dog inspired necklaces and LOVE them! Welcome to blogland. Stacey

  2. I love your bolg, and always you looked beautiful and had more style even with your rained on linen than I could ever pull together with hours of work in the bathroom.