Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Happy Holiday and Grant Wood's Studio

What a merry Christmas we have had!

As always, the tree was adorned with what might now be termed 'vintage' ornaments.

By that I mean, ornaments that were mine when I was little.

A dear friend added to my Connie Roberts carved Santa whistle collection.

And my parents drove from Pennsylvania on Christmas Day.

Saturday was a gloriously frozen day to go to Cedar Rapids and visit Grant Wood's studio.

I found it astounding to stand in the exact spot, 

on the exact floor,

in the exact tiny house, 

that such spectacular artistic masterpieces were painted.

I thought about how much artwork I (gratefully) have to do right now, and how I find it

 nearly impossible to work when the kids are on break and home in the house.

So how is it that Grant Wood managed to work,

to paint, 

to create,

to concentrate,

in this tiny one room loft----

With his mother and sister living right there with him?

Did they peer over his shoulder at what he was painting?

Did they ask where the cereal was?

And to explain why that grumpy man was holding a pitchfork?

It was a spectacular experience. 

The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art has done a beautiful job of preserving and presenting

 the legacy of Grant Wood.

My parents left this morning, which always makes me sad.

But I'm grateful, for the warm memories of a wonderful visit.

Happy New Year! 


  1. Wow! Thank you for posting the gorgeous photos of Wood's studio. I have never seen any interior shots. A small painting and living area: isn't that typical of we poor artists. But it is so pretty!!

  2. Ahh- that post is your Compass Rose for the year! Go get um!