Friday, July 13, 2012


My parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! As a gift to them, my brother (who is a writer) and I made them a book. I combined some illustrations with some black and white photos. My brother wrote the beautiful narrative. He focused on 'place'.

The land that my parent's home is built on, has been in my family since the 1950's. My grandmother always admired the hill between her family home, and their new house 'in town', and so my grandfather bought the land for her as a gift.

Our book was hit...

These are some little paintings I did from old photos of my parents as kids. I thought it was neat that they were probably about the same age in the pictures.

I'm such a pushover for old photos. And old family photos? What could be better?!


  1. What a wonderful present, they must have been thrilled. And such talented children!!

  2. How special is that!?! What a collaboration. I adore the woodland scenes, the eastern woodlands at its finest, captured with pure love.