Thursday, September 8, 2011

But Will It Play In Peoria?

I made a necklace yesterday with which I am quite smitten. For a couple reasons.

First, I have a fondness for Peoria. Since moving to the Midwest, every time we drive through it we repeat the old vaudeville saying, 

"But will it play in Peoria?". 
The second reason that I am fond of this necklace is because I learned something from it. I was amused at the old 1915 medal which reads, "North American Skat League...".
My mind envisioned a group of jazz singers getting together to sing their jazzy 'scat' tunes. I also wondered about an organization who would somehow meet to promote and discuss animal poop? 

Researching the word taught me that this medal reading "Skat" with a 'k', not 'scat', referred to a very old card game. It began in Germany and was brought to this country by German immigrants. 

This beautiful medal even features the game cards themselves on the medallion. 
I've added an old tintype of some Skat players, some vintage rhinestones, gemstones, and beautiful old brass chain.

Skat, anyone?


  1. I think it'll play anywhere! Love it and the research you did which makes it extra special.

  2. Fabulous necklace!! I love the Skat players, it was obviously a very genteel game.
    Fascinating how these little bits of history lead us to learn new things all the time....perhaps we could start a new Skat league online?

    Georgie xx