Saturday, July 2, 2011


We're just back from a wonderful family vacation. When I downloaded our pictures, I was struck by the diversity of the things we saw and did.

We were awed by the magnificent Sculpture garden in Washington D.C.

In New York we were the only ones at the Old Bethpage Living History Museum.

It was a misty, dreary day, but the lighting was beautiful.

This is a very old, carved meerschaum religious picture. I've used small ones as pendants in necklaces. The detail is stunning.

This is the tailor's house. I learned that it was commonplace to sit on the table to cut and pin the fabric.

Although my niece plugged her nose and thought he was smelly, I thought smelly or not,  he looked pretty darn happy!

Kayaking in Pennsylvania. 

And the Griswold finale?...

 Someone got a little confused.
: )

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