Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's A Pansy Day!

Pansies, to me, are a symbol of happiness. 

Not only are they rainbow-colored, smiley faced, harbingers of spring, but they have a history of good memories for me as well. 

Early each Spring, my mom would come home from the nursery utterly joyful. 

And she would dig in the dirt planting spots of color with a satisfied smile. 

Since moving to the Midwest, I have a very hard time finding pansies as early as my mom does. Now it has become a quest for me to seek out the earliest pansies in Iowa. 

I am a notorious daredevil eliciting, "You've planted your pansies already???? It's too early!!!!". 

But it's not. These dainty little posies are deceptively hardy. They are resilient even when frozen. 

I think they're smiling in their planters...

 Knowing how happy they make me...

Happy Pansy Day!


  1. Yay! I too LOVE pansies! I like to get the really dark nearly black ones. Soon, soon....

  2. We are so lucky here in the south of England, plant pansies in the late autumn, and they bloom their little velvety faces off all winter!
    Enjoy your pansies xx