Friday, February 11, 2011


Happy Birthday to Will.
My baby is a teenager today.
I did a post a while back when I first started my blog. I thought it relevant and am re-posting again on this wonderful day...
Tiny, precious, baby feet. 
I know they grow up. 
I know they get taller and that they out-grow their cribs--- out-grow their clothes.
I know that strings sprout from their ears and carry tuneless music to their souls.
I know that things that used to matter don't and things that never mattered do.
I get all that. 
They grow up. 
They become bigger. 
They morph into teenagers.
But I wasn't prepared for the feet.
The big grown up feet that appeared literally overnight.
The feet that stole away the cute little piggy toes.
The man feet that will carry my tiny baby into his future.... 

Happy Birthday, Will--- We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!