Saturday, October 2, 2010

Proud Ballerina

The other day I did this watercolor. I was inspired by an old photograph I have of a little girl that I don't know. The girl in the photo looked so proud. You could just see that she felt absolutely glorious in her fancy recital tutu. 
It made me think of my mom. 
She was skinny and gangly. 
She thought herself clumsy and awkward. 
Of course she's not. 
She's tall, and beautiful, and carries herself with class and confidence. But I remembered her telling me about when she was a little girl, a little dancer...
How beautiful she felt in her fancy dress. 
Holding herself with pride and grace.
And, of course,
always with at least one skinned knee. 
Maybe we should all imagine ourselves in our recital tutu everyday--- wouldn't we just take the world by storm!?

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