Thursday, August 19, 2010

Studio Shots #1

I love seeing where people work. Especially creative people. I.e. I love peering in to studios. So I will let you peek into mine. But here's the deal... As much as I love seeing studios, I dislike contrived spaces. Cleaned, over organized, Martha-esque--- because I just don't believe it's true. So come, here are some little snippets of where I work, and what I see, what I love, and what I do.
This is my chippy, metal storage shelf. A sweet friend brought me this lovely card from her trip to England. I made the magnets for my Pop Pop not too long before he passed away. That's a copy of a beautiful, old photo of him. And, those of you who are familiar with my etsy shop, know that I named it Age Before Beauty because it was one of his favorite expressions.
I hope that you have "a triumphant day..."

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  1. No no, this won't do.........I need to see more, I need to see everything!!!!! not that I'm nosey or anything!